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We take great pride in everything we do which is why we wanted to give you an insight into the creative art direction of this website and behind the scenes of the experience. Read on to learn more...

Josh Healey - Sound Designer

Samuel Gregory - Art Director, UI Designer

Steve Coe - Copywriting

Mathew Bevan - 3D Designer

The Idea

Samuel and Mathew sitting at a computer working on the design

Building this site started with an idea to take you, the viewer on an visual and auditory experience and to demonstrate what the perfect blend of creativity and storytelling can do. We believe it can move and inspire you in ways you hadn't thought was possible and we wanted to prove that a website can make you feel.

The Mood

The overal sense of the website was encapsulated in a few words that fuelled every aspect of the site.

  • Unnerving
  • Distopian
  • Dark
  • Futuristic
  • Inquisitive

The Copywriting

The simplicity of the content allowed the power of the Steve Coe's copywriting to shine through.

The copy focused on establishing our endless persuit of perfection and dedication to our craft. We wanted to appear confident and competent in our work.

We wanted the viewer to learn about us while they naturally explore the website and remain engaged an inquisitive. Between each page load the user is presented with one of 6 values before transitioning to the page of their choosing.

The Design

Simplicity can be very powerful only if done correctly and this revision of our site aims to be as stripped back as possible to let the emotions carry through.

Using limited splashes of our brand colouring, we let the contrast of black and white represent a blank canvas for the audio experience to unfold (more on that later).

We approached the layout with unconventional practices that still remain familiar and simple to grasp.

The interactions orient the user and eliminate change blindess so the website and its function evaporate with no sense of friction given its immersive nature.

3D artist Mathew Bevan helped construct the interactive scene logo which was then brought into Three.js and animated with the users engagement. The chromatic abberation exentuates that sense of unneasiness that we set out to convey.

Over the shoulder of Mat Bevan sitting in front of a wide screen monitor with 3D art on the screens in front of him

The Audio

Josh pointing a beam of light from a torch into a starry night sky

Josh Healey helped bring narrative and context through the auditory experience, helping the viewer know where they are just from audio along.

Each page has its own soundtrack. Each of these soundtracks try to compliment the actions that the viewer expects to make on that particular page which also encapsulating our brand experience. As you move around the home page the user is brought into that soundtrack before they enter the page.

The audio created gives a sense of futuristic distopian hopelessness which while unconventional, demontstartes that storytelling can be done in many mediums.

Several audio techniques where usied including binaural microphones and radio frequency detectors to create the spacious static from the universe (really). Capturing the sounds of the solar system and digitising it into musical form describes a passion of J&TG.

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