Building the future . . .

What Do We Do?


Some of our services are brought into play more than others. This could be for a whole host of reasons from simple day-to-day operational needs to current consumer trends.

We describe our 3 offerings as "Lean App Strategy", "Experience Design" and "Development". Within these you'll find familiar services which we bring together to deliver the experiences we are known for.


Our visual and verbal architects, also known as our design, UI, UX and copy team, bring digital experiences alive via prototyping, rich interfaces, brand guidelines and wireframing intelligent customer journeys.

UX Design

Great user experience underpins how users interact with the site and we pride ourselves on building a solid foundation through a solid understanding of the users and their needs.

UI Design

Our experiences look beautiful thanks to our experenced UI designers drawing from artistic influences fused with user interface fundamentals. Engaging and delighting is our number one goal.


Building out a prototype is key to fleshing out an idea before development. To test assumptions and get a feel for how the experience will behave 'on the page'.


Creating engaging, story-led copy is key to making sure your users understand your offering and working closely with our UI/UX teams we deliver a unique offering when it comes to the words on the page.

Interaction Design

Animations and interactions are designed and delivered with pin-point accuracy that not only delight the user but indicate narrative and serve a purpose.


We pride ourselves on writing code that gets results from foundational SEO knowlegde to accessibility and beyond. We write exceptional code that our engineers are pride themselves on. We believe that a beautiful website should perform as well as it looks.

Back-end Development

JT&G use intelligent data visualisations and powerful infrastructures to help you monitor and keep on top of all your data.

Front end engineering

When it comes to building applications, a seamless user experience is always at the front of our minds. J+G’s UI team designs systems to make sure they function well on any device with a front end performance that is powerful and fast for users whatever the connection.

Cloud-native solutions

If your application needs to be built from scratch or repurposed, our software architects are well-versed in creating cloud-native solutions that are scalable, powerful, and easy to use and maintain.

Devops and infrastructure management

J&TG’s intelligent security solutions guarantee your digital infrastructure and customer-facing experiences are protected from potential threats.

Penetration (PEN) Testing

We want to provide you with a technical solution that protects your business from a whole host of potential harmful scenarios. This gives us a better understanding of any weaknesses that may exist in your website, applications or infrastructure before we ‘go live’. Our PEN Tests meet compliance standards such as PCI DSS and ISO27001.


When people search for your brand or product, it’s essential that it needs to be found. You need to have high quality content, and the right coordinates to rank, so you can rise above your competition. This is a core part of our delivery offering, whether for your site (SEO) or your app (ASO).

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

J&TG carry out UAT testing to accept or verify the software system before moving the software application to the production environment. This is typically implemented in the final phase, after functional, system and integration testing is complete.