Who is Jupiter and who is the Giraffe?

Seek and ye shall find…

Jupiter and the Giraffe believe daring creativity shouldn’t be reserved for the big guys. Empowering all types of business to be different and stand tall among the giants.

We travel the world in search of the most ambitious people and hire a collective of the best freelancers so that we can offer exceptional talent, a range of creative thinking, and solutions that are bespoke to your business. We go beyond the Ort-Cloud of delivery and create solutions that take your goals to the next level.

We solve business challenges through the medium of creativity and design be that a brand or your website.

Our fleet

Our process

Jupiter and the Giraffe are a brand strategy and design agency. We specialise in helping companies understand their pain points better and establish a brand that reflects the true values of the organisation. Having worked in global enterprise companies, we understand the tools and techniques that got them to the top, but we don't want to work with global enterprise organisations. They're sluggish and wont experiment the way the web demands us to be. We believe those learnings can be applied to SME branding and help them look professional where competition is tough.

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