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Who is Jupiter and who is the Giraffe?

Our mission

Our mission is to create revolutionary branding and design for life-changing technology because we believe that big ideas will change the world.

We travel the planet in search of the most ambitious clients and work with a collective of the best freelancers we meet along the way. We do this so that we can offer exceptional talent and a range of creative possibilities that are bespoke to your needs.

Our unique “remote-first” outlook means we can work with anyone, anywhere in the world in the most effective way.

Our fleet

Our process

Our process ensures that we don’t touch a pen until we have a firm strategy in place. This is done through our unique, remote discovery session where we take a look at your business, your users and your goals. This is so that we can better understand the problems we are trying to solve and ensure we can deliver something of value to your business.

We collaborate with you every step of the way and through our transparent way of working, you’ll be made aware of how conclusions are made and what the next steps are. This means there will be no nasty surprises and you’ll feel a part of the creative journey.

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