The members of EPOCH are a group of highly knowledgeable leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Their minds come together to redefine industry-wide problems, elucidating the way for others and establishing a platform for thought-leadership.

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Link: epoch-group.org

  • UI Design: Suzannah James
  • Identity Design: Jo Durrant
  • Developer: Samuel Gregory
  • Project Lead: Samuel Gregory

The members of EPOCH are a group of highly knowledgeable leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Their minds come together to redefine industry-wide problems, elucidating the way for others and establishing a platform for thought-leadership. We wanted a website for EPOCH which not only looked great but introduced new ideas. Giving their website these modern, ambitious twists meant there is confidence in their work.

Special thanks to our team for the quick and efficient response to short deadlines and determination to produce quality work that delights our clients

Who/What is EPOCH?

The European Platform on Changing Healthcare (EPOCH) – a working group dedicated to examining and advancing the use of technology within the pharmaceutical supply chain. Their values and goals are as follows:

  • EPOCH will provide a collaborative environment for its members (and sponsors) where new ideas can be discussed and experimented with.
  • EPOCH will provide a communicative platform for the dissemination of these ideas and other supply chain developments.
  • EPOCH will be an educational resource for its members, providing thought leadership articles and insight into cutting edge developments.

We learnt that EPOCH is a place for Discovery of what lies ahead for the industry, Enlightenment – for others to grow and learn and Innovation – a place where new ideas are born.

The System

  1. Logo
  2. Design
    1. Typography
    2. Iconography
    3. Colour
    4. Photography
    5. UI Design
  3. Development

1. Logo

iPhone with EPOCH logo demonstrated as an app on the homescreen
Browser with EPOCH logo demonstrated as an icon in the title of the tab

Our logo needed vibrancy and tenacity. It needed a wide variety of applications as well as the simplicity to be recognised if used without the EPOCH name. The blue-green gradients are reflective of modern pharmaceutical trends and prove to be striking when used against the purity of white. The three sides of the pyramid represent the three values of EPOCH (educate, communicate & disseminate). The fourth side is missing and represents the support needed come together others in the industry.

2. Design

The UI design took inspiration from two sources, firstly Origami, due to the notations of unfolding and discovery – something which really resonates with what EPOCH represents. Secondly, the use of geometrical patterns and angular shapes throughout the site.

An exhibition we saw at the V&A called Chance and Control: Art in the Age of Computers really inspired us. The exhibition explored computer-generated art and art designed predominantly through the use of algorithms. This affinity between technology and design, order and entropy, is something we wanted to bring to the design of Epoch to showcase their innovative individuality.


For our typography, we chose two contrasting and distinct fonts. For headings, we opted for a lively and brazen sans-serif font – Cera Pro Medium, which also makes an appearance in the logo. For body text, we selected Cutive Mono – a wonderful and quirky monospace font inspired by computing and the default font of the terminal and IDE’s. The design of Cutive Mono, is based on a number of classic typewriter typefaces, in particular the face of IBM’s ‘Executive’. In Cutive, these old faces re-emerge as web fonts that are useful for adding character to body texts. Together, these fonts create a powerful visual hierarchy whilst bringing personality to the EPOCH brand.


Learning and discovery is the brand messaging we wanted to weave into our design. The iconography is inspired by origami as this can be used to construct various geometrical designs and we wanted to make these same constructs digitally. The folding and unfolding to create something beautiful is represented in the abstract patterns of the icons. Some still hold subtle references to their purpose such as the arrow asking users to ‘explore’ or the numbering system used on the tiers as seen on the website.


The logo creates a striking dominance where used so we made sure this got full attention with a dominance of black and white. Colour is used sparingly so that things of greater import are noticed and call to actions have full effect.


We encourage the use of black and white photography to install wisdom and clarity in its use cases. People, places and activity are the content of the imagery to elucidate EPOCH as an engaging and active brand to be involved with.


The site was designed with responsiveness at its core so that it functions effortlessly on any device. We opted for a side navigation bar to help streamline and unclutter the overall canvas whilst simultaneously giving it a uniqueness that stands out. The technology under the hood of EPOCH is WordPress. We opted for this as the client knows the software and the site did not require anything more technologically from a front end perspective such as React or Vue. With WordPress’ flexibility in terms of plugins combined with the competency of the client, we had confidence they could extend the functionality and wouldn’t compromise the site.

The site lives on AWS. An EC2 container running LAMP. Once again, for simplicity containerisation and a separate RDS was not needed. In true agile fashion, it’s important that EPOCH got the site up and running and getting sponsorship without overcomplicating the architecture and delaying launch.

Take a look at the website epoch-group.org and our Behance presentation on the project.

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