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Your space, RE-Defined

Creating a website and web app for multiple target users

Key Outcomes

  • Increased unique visitors by 250%
  • ROI of over 300%
  • Improvment of brand, marketability and processess as a direct consequence of the website investment

It was a no-brainer partnering with Jupiter and the Giraffe.

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01About RE-Defined

The RE-defined team have extensive experience in designing, delivering & operating flexible office space. This has given them invaluable insight into what occupiers want from their workspace.

Their offering is two-fold. Helping real estate owners monetise their commercial properties by consulting, designing and operating within the building and secondly, helping tenants find their perfect office using a curated list of workspace across the UK.

The website would be launching alongside their premiere workspace in Manchester, UK. The website's functionality needed to be able to encapsulate all this. It needed to inform users of RE-Defined’s offering, enable tenants to find their perfect workspace from a list of curated spaces across the UK using a search and discovery app. Finally, it needed to enable landlords to get a quote on the potential gains from their building using a custom-built appraisal calculator.


Over a few days, we ran RE-Defined through our Lean App Strategy process to understand what their service was and how they differentiate from the market and how ultimately they wanted to represent themselves. This gave us the ability to support and help define the solution going forward.

From this, we determined that they want to be seen as professional and premium while maintaining a modern, technical feel.

The site also needed to appeal to their two main types of customers which set a challenge to balance the slightly different needs and expectations of these individuals.


By Identifying the key customer journey’s we fleshed out existing wireframes developed by RE-Defined in order to better align the insights gained from the Strategy phase of the project.

We aimed to tell a story and guide the right user down the right path as easy as possible and leverage missed opportunities to help the customer navigate and understand RE-Defined's offering.

Our process ensures we nail these aspects right before progressing on to design using high-fidelity wireframe prototypes produced in Figma.


We helped RE-Defined sculpt their voice and shape it in a way where it speaks more clearly to their strengths while still maintaining something they feel represents themselves.

05UI Design

Having nailed the user-flows and content, we sculpted the UI design using a recommended palette that conveys a clean, professional feel as a stylescape.

We produced a desktop-first design allowing it to respond seamlessly to smaller, mobile breakpoints.

Fluid interactions convey movement and story while keeping it fresh and modern, so we also brought these into play.

06Website Development

We leveraged the existing Django application and created a beautiful front-end using the speed and flexibility of Bootstrap in order to reach tight deadlines.

The App/Website is deployed on Heroku for easy database management and guaranteed uptime. We also felt this allowed for expandability should the site need to be built on at a later date.

It was a no-brainer partnering with Jupiter and the Giraffe for the launch of our online platform and website. They demonstrating a proffesionalism that we hadn't experienced elsewhere and provided us with reasurance by taking a genuine interest in not only the product by the company, its proposition and us as founders. We worked with a solid team of people who were a pleasure to work with and will gladly partner with again.

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