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A web app to help users write down thoughts (meditations) and share with the world

Key Outcomes

  • Build foundations of note-sharing social media platform
  • User management system
  • Promotional marketing site to spread awareness

I felt like Jupiter and the Giraffe served as an extension of my team, so our goals were always aligned.

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01About Ontologue

Ontologue is the brain-child of Ryan Hakim, a philosophy graduate from New York. Marcus Aurelius coined the term “meditation” in his journal as “things to one’s self”.

Ontologue is a modern way to create “meditations” and organise them into shelves, books and chapters. The future of the app will enable sharing them with friends or the world.

We prioritised the features of the MVP, where meditations are created and organised. This was so that we can prove the product worked without sacrificing too much time or resource before getting market fit.


Lean App Strategy helped refine some of the nuanced concepts of the product. Our consultants used their experience to put the idea to the test and build out its features.

Lean App Strategy also gives us the opportunity to think of the product timeline and other aspects of the business side of developing a product.

Ontologue hadn’t run such an analysis on their product before so they found it crucial in shaping the future of the product.

03App Development

The design of the app was already complete when it arrived, so we suggested minor tweaks refined some details. Our role was to develop the app and create the technical architecture to support it.

For the frontend, we used React for its simplicity and modularity. We built a bespoke API for the backend in Node.js. Using two technologies that use the same coding language also meant a full-stack developer could integrate into the entire application, keeping admin time and costs low for future development.

We used Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the product architecture with a seamless deployment cycle for continuous development.

The user can login or sign up and while inside of the app they can create meditations, tag them, provide links and attachments. They can then organise them amongst shelves, books and chapters.

04Webflow Development

We also helped put together the landing page for Ontologue (

Making good use of interactions and animations to create an immersive experience and engaging content.

This site was the gateway to log into the Ontologue App.

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