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Building a Powerful, Next-Gen Website for a Leading Privacy SaaS Product

Key Outcomes

  • Site enables agility as startup progresses
  • Tracking and monitoring of user needs in order to improve product

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01About Metomic

Metomic have built a set of privacy focused products that automatically protects sensitive data across all your internal systems and cloud applications.

We helped them bring their new branding and website to life using a combination cutting edge website technologies and ease of use using no code.

02No Code. No Problem

Metomic needed a solution that was quick to market. It also needed to give them the ability to make changes as they see fit. Given this, we advised them to go with Webflow.

Although Webflow is a no-code solution, there were some bespoke API calls we needed to implement to enable search and discovery of “services”. We tied this to Google Analytics so that Metomic could keep track of services users were interested in so that the business could implement them into their tool. This showed the flexibility and scalability of the platform which ticked all the boxes for Metomic.

Jupiter and the Giraffe were able to take our designs and create a website with a super quick turnaround. We were impressed with the accuracy of the design and the quality of the code. The relationship went by seamlessly and without any hiccups. We would definitely use them again.

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