How Cyber-Ready are You?

How Cyber-Ready are You?

Design and build a cyber health check web app

Key Outcomes

  • Decreased Client Vetting Time
  • ROI of over 300%
  • Improvment of brand, marketability and processess as a direct consequence of the website investment

Jupiter and the Giraffe were invaluable in getting us to this milestone and helping Gridware become a leader in cyber security

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01About Gridware

Gridware is a cyber security company based in Sydney, Australia. They offer incident response, including data breach investigations and ransomware data recovery. They also offer penetration testing services and governance & auditing.

Their auditing process was an effective tool for screening clients and gave an accurate rating of their cyber security score. This manually done process with each new client. Gridware wanted to build a tool that would automate this process and provide the client with an easy-to-follow list of actions and recommendations on how they can improve their cyber security.


It was important to understand the landscape of the existing process and what pain-points they were currently facing with their existing workflows.

We would also need to understand a bit about their brand in order to flesh out the design of the app.

We ran Lean App Strategy in order to gain such insight and gather requirments for the task.

03Wireframes & Prototyping

We identified two types of users. The “user” which would be the business or entity taking the cyber security test to receive their cyber health check rating. The other user known as a “broker” is someone who handles the management of many businesses or entities. This enables a broker to manage and control the relationships they have with these businesses or entities based on their cyber health check rating.

Wireframes clearly articulate both user flows and sign up, which enabled us to translate the intended journeys and vision of the app before we begin design.


The design of the app was simple. The functional nature of the service meant we decided not to detract too far away from the significance and importance of getting a user’s cyber health in order.

We used a dark mode whilst keeping it clean and legible.

Having a bold UI means the user has simple actions in order to progress through the test.

05Web App Development

We chose to use Next to build the application as although the health check would be behind user registration, there was scope to build out a marketing site that was tied to the platform and so SEO was a concern.

The backend was also built in Node meaning a JavaScript developer could work on the entire stack and so it would be easier for Gridware to hire a full-stack developer to maintain the app.

We also opted to use Firebase to manage the users and database which leant itself fantastically to the app as it provided a user interface for the client to be able to manage users saving on time and budget.

After listening carefully to my frustrations in building a web product with an existing agency, Jupiter and the Giraffe Identified an efficient way to rebuild and improve my web app. They suggested newer technologies, cleaner and simpler user interface and features that we otherwise would not have seen as valuable or beneficial. Our tool now helps streamline our internal processes and scale our business beyond MVP. Jupiter and the Giraffe were invaluable in getting us to this milestone and helping Gridware become a leader in cyber security.

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