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Technical Improvements and SEO implementation of Cleo AI’s existing website.

Key Outcomes

  • Increase online search engine exposure
  • Improve accessibility and technical SEO of pages
  • Migration of site to Webflow

Thanks again for your work and support - helped get things kickstarted that we've wanted to for a while within the business.

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01About Cleo

Cleo is an app that helps you save money, build credit and budget finances in a fun way.

Their website lacked proper integration with search engines and so was therefore not appearing correctly in search engines and were missing out on exposure from Google.

Cleo also needed consulting around how they might transition their website which was integrated tightly with their app onto its ecosystem onto a new platform that is easier to maintain and update, seperately from their app.

02Technical SEO

Cleo’s existing website used a lot of imagery in place of text and incorrect HTML markup, which made it practically invisible to search engines.

After an audit, we cleaned up a lot of redundant pages, updated the content and imagery. We implemented correct semantic HTML markup to create that visibility with Google.

03Webflow Consulting

Cleo expressed a desire to migrate their website to a less integrated platform.

There was an interest to move onto Webflow, so after a full audit of the code and understanding of their systems by our analysts, we planned how they could achieve a safe migration and the pros and cons of using Webflow.

Cleo has now successfully migrated onto Webflow with a new version of their site.

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